Waiver Wire for Week 7!
Hey everyone! How about that David Johnson. I mean – WOW. Not sure what to say, but I wish we could have a do over of our main redraft league!! 

Here’s G’s picks first!

Kenny Britt (WR), Rams

The sky isn’t falling, well unless you live in rain soaked Melbourne and believe me, l wouldn’t be surprised what fell from it at the moment. Not even a WR out of the LA Rams. Yes believe it nor not, you can go out and grab one, just one mind you. Sounds a little like sneaking in a treat before dinner and god forbid if you had 2 in my house as a kid. You may have thought – as many have, who killed Kenny, then realizing l had the wrong Kenny as the Rams version had failed to have any form of a heartbeat. But out came the jumper leads and BOOM, he’s “ALIVE”. He leads the team in receptions, yardage and has 9 plays of 20+ yards. Britt got one back for the Christians with 136 yards and 2 TDs against the Lions and with some inviting match-ups coming, the word is Rule “Britt”ania… one there for the Motherland.

Ty Montgomery (WR), Packers

Ok, one good game doesn’t make a summer, nor a reliable WR – but are we about to see just that. Or at this rate, one new RB? The Packers were forced to do something out of left field on Sunday, with an injured Lacy and his backup, Starks inactive, that’s exactly what they did. Hence the possible “fingers crossed damn tightly” emergence of Montgomery. Hampered by injury for the past couple of years, are we now getting a sneak preview of what the future holds? The way the Packers looked against a fired up Cowboys unit, they need the future yesterday. Rodgers has spoken highly in the recent past about Ty and the fact he trusts him to be where he’s meant to be. Rodgers is known for getting just a little annoyed by guys not being at the end of his throws. Montgomery is a deep league grab but definitely someone for those in dynasty that have a propensity for shining things and unearthing a gem.

AJ’s IDP picks

The IDP landscape is quite a different one to that of the offensive skills positions. Injuries happen in football, and while an injury to a top flight WR means more opportunity for the next guy on the depth chart, it’s rare that the value is the same. Now in IDP – this is also partly true. Obviously you can’t simply plug the next man up and replace J.J.Watt. However, there are quite a few situations where it is true. Nick Bellore is not the same talent as Navarro Bowman, but the last two weeks he has put up a total of 16 tackles, 7 assists, 0.5 sacks, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. His value is completely situational – and just this year (take note dynasty IDPers)! Here are a few more that fit into this same category.

Corey James (LB), Raiders

Now last week I recommended everyone go out and grab Perry Riley – who played every snap in Week 4 with Ben Heeney on IR and Malcolm Smith banged up. Well a funny thing happened and have to admit that I didn’t pick it. So Del Rio had already been on record following the injury to Heeney about giving their 6th round rookie LBer Cory James more snaps. In Week 3, he played all but 3 snaps and Heeney was benched in favour of James prior to his injury – so the writing was already on the wall. After a strong Week 4 showing by James in which he had 12 tackles, 3 assists and a forced fumble, he disappeared in Week 5. I interpreted this as being a preference for Perry Riley – but a closer look at the snap count shows that Riley and James were basically on the field the same amount of time. Fast forward to Week 6 – and James put up a solid 6 tackles and an assist. Perry Riley? 3 solos… So to summarise – Cory James is a three down LBer NOW and for the foreseeable future. The Raiders like his talent and he is making an impact on the field. Go grab him!

Isa Abdul-Quddus (S), Dolphins

So you may have heard of a guy playing in the Dolphin’s secondary – Reshad Jones. He’s good at football. It’s currently feared that he has suffered a torn rotator cuff and his season will be over (another top IDP pick potentially biting the dust). Just a thought – imagine if you came away from your IDP draft with Watt, Bowman and Jones – you’d be a happy camper – though probably not now….. One of the big off-season acquisitions by the Fins was Isa Abdul-Quddus AKA (IAQ) who came across as a free agent from the Lions. With Jones out, Miami will likely slide IAQ over to SS. He won’t be Reshad Jones 2.0, but that soft Fins LB corp will ensure that plenty of flies make it through to his web.

Dont’a Hightower (LB), Patriots

The injury to Jamie Collins has meant opportunity for Dont’a Hightower. Against the Bengals, Hightower racked up 3 tackles, 10 assists, 1.5 sacks and safety! I’m not sure how long Collins will be out, but as long as he is, ride Hightower!!

Adrian Janson

Adrian Janson (AJ) is one of the AussieguysNFL team and a (fairly) one eyed Charger supporter. His favourite player (was and) is Junior Seau and he is wondering why he is writing this in the third person. He has no idea!

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