The ‘A Gap’ wk6 NFL editorial by Josh Slocum

The ‘A Gap’

week 6 NFL editorial by Josh Slocum


Was this the week of the comeback?


Who would have thought:


The Texans would comeback vs the Colts? There was 2.45 to go and the Colts led 23-9 when Lamar Miller made a sensational play for a TD to start the comeback.  A terrible and perhaps season defining loss for the Colts.

That the Jaguars would comeback from 13-0 down early in the 4th qu to win.

(Wasn’t a comeback but…) The Dolphins would not just win but demolish the Steelers, with Ajayi rushing for over 200 yards! As good as the coaching is in Pittsburgh, Tomlin’s team is good for one shocker each year and that was meant to be against the Eagles.  They now face a tough ask with Tom, Gronk and Bill coming to town and Big Ben sidelined.

That the Chargers defense would strangle the life out of the Broncos offense?


It was great to see:

Dontari Poe and Andy Reid get creative with a quick screen pass to the big man for a TD. “Hungry Pig Right” goes into folklore.

Golden Tate bounce back to form with 165 yards and a TD.

Tate had a tremendous duel with Kenny Britt, who had 2 spinning TDs and a one handed catch to boot for the Rams in Case Keenum’s best game of his career.

The Gronk is back! A career high 162 yards and a TD as well were a return to full health.

OBJ also returned to form and then proposed to that kicking net. Richie Benaud would have loved his stats, 222 yards and 2 TDs but doubt he would approve of his antics.

Dak Prescott continue his excellent start to his career by breaking Tom Brady’s record for passes before an INT (163). He did throw 1 on the next play but bounced back straight away to ensure that the job is his no matter how healthy Tony Romo is.


Wasn’t good that:

Richard Sherman got away with another PI call. He’s made a career out of soft refs and was the benefactor of another howler.


How was:

Cam’s jump pass that went for a TD! Incredible athleticism.

That Cowboys o-line? The Packers hadn’t allowed a rusher for more than 53 yards this year.  Zeke went for 157 yards on a massive 28 carries and again had huge holes to run through.


No surprise that:

Shady had a day out against the atrocious 49ers run defense.

That once a play worked for a TD, the Pats went back to it again. James White the recipient for 2 receiving TDs as the Pats are so good at going back to a play that has previously worked for them.

The Saints and Panthers engaged in a shoot out. Both defences are struggling with the deep ball.

Cam remained a sook in the presser afterwards. He basically said he wouldn’t change after the Super Bowl and that was true.


Trending up:

The Lions are riding Matt Stafford’s arm and big plays from the D to get back to .500 at 3-3 and with Tate back in form, look out.

The Chief’s had a classic Alex Smith performance (19/22) to bounce back vs the Raiders porous D.

Washington took care of the Eagles at home with Kirk Cousin resembling the QB who finished well last year, not the one that started this year.


Questions over:

Chip Kelly is coping grief for his offense, but it’s his inability to understand defense and pick defensive co-ordinators that has me worried. Jim O’Neill had a terrible record at the Browns last year and the 49ers defense looks even worse now.

Unless Marvin Lewis can resurrect the Bengals season his tenure in Cinci might finally be over. They played well for 3 quarters in Foxboro but a full game eludes them.  Must win against the Browns this week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick being benched for Geno means a quarterback controversy in NY and continues his career form of playing well one year, poor the next.

The Panthers defense.  It’s not just the secondary that is struggling.  The defensive line that was so dominant last year is a shell of its Super Bowl self.

Aaron Rodgers was meant to bounce back to his 2014 self with Jordy Nelson returning, and that looked likely for the first 2 weeks  But he’s now missing throws and its so strange to see- we just don’t expect it from him.  I’m sure that the Brett Favre show didn’t help on Sunday but Rodgers has been off for 3 weeks now.


Looking forward to watching:

The Vikings at the Eagles. Can Carson bounce back against an elite D?

How big Brock plays back in Mile High.  Think he’d better bring his thick skin suit.



Born into the red and white of the South Melbourne Swans, I remember being amazed at age 7 to see a team with our colours that actually won something when the 1984 49ers won the Superbowl. I've been following the red, white and gold ever since. Of recent times my frustrations at not winning a Superbowl since 1994 can be heard occasionally on the aussieguysnfl podcast.

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